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Programs are held at the

Tivoli Theatre

5021 Highland Avenue

Downers Grove, IL 60515

Phone: 630-968-0219

Fax: 630-968-0839


$10 Non-Members  
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Monday, July 20, 7:30 pm

Reviewed by Kenneth Turan – LA Times

If the setup of the Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi’s devastating film “About Elly” sounds familiar, it’s because this story of a young woman who disappears during a festive weekend outing at a coastal resort resembles that of Michelangelo Antonioni’s classic “L’Avventura.” In both movies, a frantic and futile search ensues. Read More>>

Monday, July 27, 7:30 pm

Reviewed by Kenneth Turan – LA Times

“The Wolfpack" is very much the documentary of the moment, showered with all kinds of media attention. And no wonder.

Winner of Sundance's Grand Jury Prize, it tells a story irresistible to our age of rampant voyeurism and reality TV, yet it also has a potent emotional core that cannot be denied. Even in the context of Tolstoy's famous dictum that every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, the story of the Angulo brothers stands out. Read More>>>

Monday, August 10, 7:30 pm

Reviewed by Ann Hornaday – Washington Post

It’s a beautiful accident that “Iris” is opening the same day as “Saint Laurent.” In the latter film, a dramatization of the life of designer Yves Saint Laurent, fashion is depicted as either an ascetic, monk-like endeavor or a backdrop for scandalous excess and debauchery. In the documentary “Iris,” its stylish, indefatigable protagonist restores clothing, accessories and the ritual of dressing up to the world of play and sheer pleasure. Read More >>>